Have You Suffered a Work Injury Over a Period of Time?

Not every workplace injury is the result of a sudden accident. By law, all injuries submitted for workers' compensation benefits are either classified as injury by accident or occupational disease, typically resulting from repetitive stress over a long period of time.

Proving your injury is work-related is one of the key factors in filing a successful claim for an occupational disease or repetitive stress injury. You must prove that your work tasks directly contributed to the injury and that your work environment was more hazardous than the environment for the general public.

Subsection 13 of the North Carolina Workers' Compensation Code:

A catch all provision covering any disease or condition, other than hearing loss, which is proven to be caused by conditions peculiar to a particular trade, excluding the conditions that the general public is also exposed to in the same geographic area.

Effective Representation

As a workers' compensation and personal injury lawyer for more than 20 years in the Charlotte region, I have helped many people file successful claims for denied claims for occupational disease injuries. The Law Offices of Jeffrey G. Scott has the experience you need to help you get your occupational injury approved for workers' compensation benefits.

Is Repetitive Stress Considered an Occupational Disease?

Yes, it can be. Repetitive strain/stress is a significant source of the single largest cause of injuries classified as occupational disease. Most frequently workers in manufacturing jobs whose job tasks include repetitive motions are affected. Perhaps the most commonly known occupational disease is carpal tunnel syndrome, a form of tendinitis which often affects the wrists and hands of typists and computer operators working on a keyboard throughout the day.

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