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Charlotte Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Charlotte, North Carolina, Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Charlotte Motorcycle Accident AttorneyMotorcycle accidents tend to cause severe injuries, such as broken legs and severe road rash, because there is very little protection for the rider on the bike. If you have suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident, either as a rider or a passenger, it's important to remember that you will have only one opportunity to obtain fair compensation for what you have lost.

I'm lawyer Jeffrey Scott and I represent people who have been injured in motorcycle accidents in North Carolina. I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Fault in motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents are almost always caused by the driver of the other vehicle, who usually does not see the motorcyclist. As your lawyer, I can help determine fault and notify the insurance company of the liable party. From that point on, the burden of dealing with the liability carrier will be taken off your shoulders and placed on mine.

Helping you obtain appropriate medical care

As your lawyer, I will never attempt to settle your motorcycle accident case until you have completed your medical treatment and obtained the fullest possible recovery. Only then will we know whether you have suffered any degree of permanent impairment as a result of your accident.

Since you will only have one opportunity to file a claim for compensation, it's important to include all of your losses in that claim. Once your case is resolved, whether by settlement or jury verdict, you will not be able to submit future claims.

Dealing with damage to your bike

In addition to handling your personal injury case, I will help you settle the property damage for your motorcycle. Once the repair shop has completed the repairs, I will determine if you have a diminution of value claim and resolve that issue for you as well.

If the at-fault driver is uninsured or underinsured

Motorcycle riders in North Carolina must purchase a separate policy to cover themselves from damages caused by uninsured or underinsured drivers. If you have this coverage, I can help you negotiate a fair settlement from your own carrier after the case against the at-fault driver is resolved.

Free attorney consultation

To talk to a lawyer about your motorcycle accident case, contact attorney Jeffrey G. Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina. I offer after-hours and weekend appointments. I handle all motorcycle accident cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will owe attorney's fees only if I am successful in obtaining compensation for you.

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