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Charlotte Shoulder Injury Attorney

A Shoulder Injury Can Mean Permanent Pain and Immobility

Charlotte Shoulder Injury AttorneyWe don't realize how much we use our shoulders on our jobs every day. Whether we are doing heavy lifting or sit hunched over a keyboard all day, our shoulders function as the fulcrum of our upper body mobility. An injured shoulder, either from a sudden accident or from repetitive stress, can mean a lifetime of pain and disability. The shoulder joint is easy to injure but difficult to recover from.

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I am North Carolina workers' compensation and personal injury litigation attorney Jeffrey Scott. If you have suffered a shoulder injury on the job, or have lost mobility in your upper body after years of lifting, you may be eligible for workers' compensation medical compensation and cash benefits. After more than 20 years, my law firm has helped a significant number of injured workers obtain the money they need for lost earnings and expenses while they recover from shoulder injuries.

You can file your workers' compensation claim on your own, but keeping track of the details is complex and frustrating. I have handled many workers compensation claims. I know how to work with your doctors and the insurance carrier to make sure you get every opportunity to collect the full and fair compensation you have earned.

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