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Injured In An Accident

Injured In an Accident at Work? Seek Legal Advice

Injured In An AccidentIf you hurt yourself at work in North Carolina, the assumption is that your employer's workers' compensation insurance carrier will pay you the medical and wage benefits you are entitled to. It should be that simple, but it isn't. It is up to the injured worker to prove that the injury was caused by an accident and occurred during the course and scope of the employment.

In workers' compensation, an injury by accident would seem to be pretty simple to interpret. Quite frankly, it is not as simple as it sounds. Not every injury that occurs at work is a compensable workers' compensation claim.

Some injuries are caused not by any specific event but rather occurred over a period of time and gradually developed to the point where the employee began to experience symptoms. These injuries are categorized as Occupational Disease claims and are more difficult for most employees to handle themselves.

Talk to a Lawyer Who Understands How to Get a Claim Approved

At The Law Offices of Jeffrey G. Scott, you get 20 years of experience filing successful North Carolina workers' compensation claims, whether for injury by accident or occupational disease. I promise you personalized attention with a focus on two factors: getting your claim approved quickly and with maximum money benefits.

If you were injured on the job, get legal help with your claim. From my offices in Charlotte, I represent clients throughout the Charlotte metro region and communities throughout the State of North Carolina. Contact me by phone, fax or e-mail about your workplace accident today.

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