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Permanent Injuries

What Qualifies as a Permanent Injury for Workers' Compensation?

Permanent InjuriesAfter suffering an injury on the job, you may be wondering whether you should get a lawyer involved with your claim. I am North Carolina workers' compensation attorney Jeffrey G. Scott. My law firm has been helping injured workers in the Charlotte metro region and throughout North Carolina for more than 20 years. The truth is, not every workers' comp claim will require the assistance of a lawyer. However, consulting an attorney is in your best interest and speaking to me about your case will not cost you any of your hard earned money because the initial consultation is free.

There are two times when you should absolutely have a lawyer on your side. First, if your claim has been wrongly denied and; second, if you suffered a catastrophic injury.

If, on the other hand, you are confused about the extent of your injuries, what qualifies as income and you can't get cooperation from your employer or your doctor, it will pay to have an experienced lawyer like myself on your side. If your injuries are to the extent that your current and future earnings will be significantly impacted, you need my services. The workers' compensation laws in this State are complex and difficult to understand, even for some attorneys. Some injuries are permanent in nature. In this event, you are entitled to compensation.

Many injured workers, before reaching what is known as Maximum Medical Improvement, are returned to work by a treating physician and usually with some work restrictions. There are a number of issues associated with this scenario that an experienced workers' compensation attorney is needed to assist you in navigating. Furthermore, your treating physician will ultimately place you at Maximum Medical Improvement which also has ramifications for you and your workers' compensation claim.

Who Makes the MMI Decision?

It is up to your treating physician to determine when you have reached MMI, are capable of returning to work (with or without work restrictions) and whether you retain any permanent injury. It is your attorney's responsibility to ensure your doctor is interpreting the ratings guidelines correctly and provides one consistent with those guidelines. The wrong doctor rating can cost you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your claim. In addition, your lawyer should have the experience to demand a second opinion allowed under the law if the doctor rating is questionable.

The Right Lawyer Will Make the Difference

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey G. Scott, you get 20 years of experience filing successful North Carolina workers' compensation claims, whether for injury by an industrial, construction or manufacturing accident or by occupational disease. I promise you personalized attention with a focus on two factors: getting your claim moving forward quickly and much-needed benefits in your hands.

If you were injured on the job, get legal help for your claim. From my offices in Charlotte, I represent clients throughout the Charlotte metro region and communities throughout the State of North Carolina. Contact me by phone, fax or e-mail about your workplace injury today.

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