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Charlotte Traumatic Brain Injuries Attorney

Charlotte, Brain Injury Lawyer

Charlotte Traumatic Brain InjuriesA traumatic brain injury can occur in any accident that involves a blow to the head: a car crash, a slip and fall, an assault or being struck by a falling object. The person who suffers the injury may not even realize that brain damage has occurred. Family members are usually the first to know that something is wrong.

I'm attorney Jeffrey Scott and I represent people in North Carolina who have suffered life-changing injuries in accidents inside or outside of work. If you are concerned that a family member may have suffered a brain damage in an accident, I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Brain damage is a permanent injury

Symptoms of brain damage may include irritability, forgetfulness, difficulty in following directions and inability to concentrate. Family members may assume that their loved one will get better in time. Unfortunately, once damaged, the brain does not heal.

If your loved one has suffered a brain injury, there are many issues that need to be considered when preparing your case, whether it is a personal injury or a workers' compensation claim.

As your lawyer, I will look far enough ahead to determine how the brain injury will affect the victim's ability to work and earn a living. I will consider everything your loved one might need in the future, including rehabilitation and attendant care to live as full a life as possible. Only then can I demand enough compensation from the responsible party to compensate you for what you have lost.

Free attorney consultation

To talk to a lawyer about a brain injury, contact attorney Jeffrey G. Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina. I offer after-hours and weekend appointments.

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